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Motor Insurance Claims

Home Insurance Policy Claim Process

For seamless processing of claims make sure to submit below details

Claim related information:

In the event of any claim, call on our toll free helpline no. 1800-2-700-700 (Accessible from India only) to register the claim at the earliest with details of the Equipment damaged, Location of loss, Cause of loss and amount of loss (approx. estimation) and Policy Number for reference.

On claim registration, a surveyor would be appointed to estimate the loss/ damage, depending on the type of loss viz. Fire/Burglary etc.

Once we receive full and final documentation, we would process the claim with prompt turn around times.

Documents required for Claims:

  • For any losses / damage due to Fire:-
    • Reconstruction cost of the Residence which has been damaged.
    • Fire brigade Report if applicable.
    • FIR if applicable.
    • Repair bills or replacement bills as desired by the Surveyor.
    • Any other documents the Surveyor thinks appropriate.
    • In case of high valued items Original Purchase Invoice giving details Make, Manufacturing year etc is required to arrive at the depreciation and basis of Indemnity etc.
  • For Losses due to Burglary:-
    • Original invoice giving value of the item stolen
    • Replacement cost / Repair cost.
    • FIR
    • Final Police Report.


" All claims are subject to approval by Surveyor appointed by HDFC ERGO GIC LTD "


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